Gifted With Rage And Beauty


He followed after her, nodding at the waiter as he handed him his drink, sitting down next to her, resting the glass on his knee, “He does both. Whether or not a family member of yours or even someone you know from afar died in the games, having to watch all that violence must somewhat scar them. Which will then fuel the anger and resentment until, soon enough, it sparks into a flame that will grow and become impossible to quench.

He glanced around, making sure no one heard what she’d said, “Quiet,” he hissed, his eyes alert, “Do you want them to execute us for plotting against the president?” Sure, he could talk freely, but not so carelessly. She just said if there was a rebellion, she’s joining, which he agreed with, but she’s said it so casually that he was afraid someone might’ve heard.

"Your tribute..?" his demeanour changed to a somber one once he saw the young child’s body, his hatred of Snow and everyone who had part in the organisation of the games fuelling.


Ana nods at him when he speaks before she runs a hand through her long locks. “I guess you’re right.” She places her drink down for a second before she notices a few Captiol officials smiling at her causing her to wave back. 

"Right sorry. I’ll be quiet I swear. It’s just wrong to sit here and be total bystanders while he slaughters young children." She whispers before she slowly begins to break down. Her tribute still had yet to be picked up by the hellicarrier so he was still just layin gin the water with an arrow sticking out of his chest. She covers her mouth as she begins to cry shakes her head. 

"I knew his family. They smiled at me when they said their goodbyes. They trusted me to get him out of this alive and now he’s…. oh my god he’s really dead." She rambles hysterically, feeling like she’s about to start hyperventilating. "His poor mother…." 

waylandmorgensternlightwood whispered:

"Demon au ......... SHES A SHADOWHUNTER SHE KILLS THOSE.... my luck sucks"




Unbearable pain.

Everything hurt. Breathing hurt, moving hurt, his body was on fire, blood pouring from the deep gash in his side. Even through his pain, he could her the smug voice in the back of his head, reminding him that he’d warned him over and over about messing with Raphael, but he never listens to even himself. He panted as he crawled along the pavement, praying to whatever angel or demon that was listening. Just get me out of here. Raphael will be back, he knew that, which only terrified him more. He’d already stabbed him, with a dull knife to be exact, broke about two of his ribs, broke his nose, which was now bleeding along with his cut lip and probably broke the tip of one of his horns, seeing as he now has a horrid migraine. All in all, he looked like shit, and yet, Raphael still wasn’t done with him.

He kept blaming himself over and over as he struggled to move, panting and stifling his cries of pain. He’d rather not attract unwanted attention at this time, especially if whoever happened to see him in his state happened to be a shadowhunter. Why he went to Raphael, he doesn’t even remember, something about an old fight they’d had too long ago he doesn’t even remember it. He knew Raphael was dangerous, yet his pride wouldn’t let him turn down a fight. He’s a warlock, for Lilieth’s sake, of course he wouldn’t turn down a fight.

The pain was too much for him, and after suffering to move for a few feet, he crumpled in a heap on someone’s doorstep, his eyes closing as breathing became a hard task, all hope leaving him as he finally accepted his fate, pitting whoever it was that lived in this house and Woukd end up opening the door to find his corpse on it.

His brows furrowed in confusion at her promise, but he didn’t question it, quite glad that out of all e houses he could’ve stumbled upon, he collapsed on one of a friendly person, although she was a shadowhuntress. He was too lost in his own thoughts to notice her bend down next to him, and cried out in pain when she pulled him up abruptly. It pained him to walk, but he attempted to do so when she helped him, if only so he wouldn’t be a great burden, though he suspected he already was being one.

"Rachael," he managed through gritted teeth, hissing in pain every now and then, "Thought he wanted a truce… Attacked when I wasn’t facing him.." he groaned, biting down on his already cut lip, drawing more blood from said injury, "Don’t call me Horn Boy, I’m already humiliated enough as it is,” his head fell back onto the couch as he stifled another groan, clenching his jaw. Recognition lit his face at the name, making the already too obvious connection to one of the most known shadowhunter family. He knew he should’ve been more cautious and not given her his name right away, even though she helped him, but he was in too much pain to give his actions another thought. “Loki. Loki Laufeyson.”

Ana raises a brow when he speaks of Raphael before she looks at her phone. She needed to text Maryse and tell her that Raphael had attacked a warlock without making it known she was helping this poor man. She would then need to text Magnus; that is if he was okay with that. “That’s unfair. Prick move actually.” She mumbles before she jumps hearing a slam at the door. 

"I’m going to assume that’s the prick now." She stands up and begins to walk towards the door before she opens it and freezes. She leans down and looks at the blood on her doorstep; a smashed plastic bag not too far from it. "Why would he want a truce? What did you do to him?" She asks softly, her eyes moving to look up at him before she slams the door shut. "He’s marking my freaking house for something…"

"What did he do to you? How am I going to explain this to the Clave…. First things first I need to text Maryse and say Raphael’s attacked you without saying it was you then I need Magnus and Alec to get here so I can make sure you’re not completely broken then I need to get the bloodstains off my new couch and gosh I am never ever living alone again." She sits on the floor and groans running a hand through her hair. 

"It’s nice to meet you Loki." She mumbles softly.

waylandmorgensternlightwood whispered:

"My muse is dying in your muse's arms. My muse asks yours to sing to them as they die, what song does your muse sing to mine? Ana looks at Loki and screams before she runs to him. "Crap.... Loki are you okay? No wait hold on you're bleeding.... You're obviously not okay." She looks at the wound in his chest and presses her hands to it. She listens to him when he asks her to sing and bites her lip. "Au Clair de la lune, mon ami Pierrot, Prete-Moi at plume..." She stops and purses her lips."



He managed a slight smile, raising his hand, wincing as the movement sent pain wracking through his body, grasping her hand in his. “You’re not— you’re not going to leave me here, are you?” he asked in a weak voice, shuddering as breathing became harder, “You’ll stay with me?”

"I’m- I’m sorry," he gasped, clenching his jaw, "I’m so, so sorry," he gives her hand a small squeeze, his brows furrowing when he saw the tear trail down her cheek, "I love you, b-but please don’t cry," he muttered, using what energy he had remained to raise his hand and cup her cheek, "I don’t want my last memory being of seeing you cry," he took a shuddering breath, closing his eyes tightly as another wave of pain hit him, "What was that song you sang?" he murmured, losing more of his energy.

Ana leans into his touch before she looks at him. “Don’t apologise. Alec will be back with Magnus… Just hold on okay?” She runs her thumb across his knuckles gently, looking at him before she sighs. “Claire de la Lune… Maryse used to sing it to Alec and Isabelle when I was younger.” She sighs and shakes her head. “Stop using all of your energy. I’m not worth that. Just wait until Magnus gets here.” 



“ Why are you required to learn about the warriors, especially at such a young age? ” his brows knitted together in confusion, but his expression changed to one of delight as she told of her reasoning, “ Well, the view is quite enchanting. Would you like to visit the gardens? I’m sure mother wouldn’t mind too much as long as we do not disturb the animals. ”

"I’m going to be a warrior; My father is training me but he wished for me to spend some time here. I am so glad that he did. It’s magical here." She smiles as she explains before she stops and looks at him. "Of course, that sounds amazing."


"Do keep that trap of yours shut, woman," he sneered, glaring at anyone who dared look his way, "I’ll be perfectly fine on my own, I’m in no need of your assistance," he snapped, his hands clenching and unclenching as he fought the urge of attempting to use magic, knowing it would be fruitless, as Odin had stripped him of it.

"All I require is the information of where I can stay, for I’d rather not have Thor’s band of fools capture me yet again."

Ana raises a brow before she clenches her jaw; her blue eyes narrowed, before she grabs him by the front of his robes, her eyes focusing on his face. “Watch your tongue or else.” She snaps before she lets him go and starts walking away. “Have fun on your own in New York dressed like that.” She starts walking towards Taki’s, her boots making deep thuds on the ground.



“This is unfair!” Loki’s yell echoed through the empty Throne Room, his outburst shocking the occupants of it, “Thor got to choose who he married, why can’t I? Why am I to marry someone I haven’t the slightest knowledge about?”

“Son, do think of this rationally,” Odin said wearily, “Marrying her would bring two different cultures together-”

“I don’t care! I don’t care what this marriage would do,” Loki whipped around, glaring at the man sat on the throne, shrugging off his mother as she tried to place her hand on his arm, “Have you no care about what I think? Have you no care about my happiness?” his glare moved on to his brother as he tried to interrupt him, “Do not try to reason with me! I will not listen to whatever you say.”

“Loki,” Frigga sighed, placing her hand on his shoulder, “Son, please, just listen. You will like Lady Ana, you just need to get to know her. Trust me, you are a fair match. ”

“Mother, don’t,” he hissed as he turned on his heel, his clothes whipping around him, “I will meet this Lady, whoever she is. But whether or not I marry her while be my choice, no one else’s.” his voice had an air finality as he walked out of the room, the door slamming shut behind him.

He’d stalked off to the gardens in his fury, a deep scowl etched on his face that made it clear to everyone that’d he’d rather be left alone until he calmed down. It didn’t take him long to arrive at the gardens, the one place which he truly felt could make him feel at peace, that and his chambers of course, but at that moment, his chambers were the furthest area of the palace, and he’d prefer to stay out here and not risk running into any member of his family.

He kicked a rock angrily as he walked, the sun’s warmth soaking into his skin and warming his usually cold body. I can’t believe they’ve known this all along and only now told me that I am to marry a woman I have never met he scoffed, stopping underneath a large willow tree, his eyes trained on a small rabbit that had hopped out of a bush and to the small pond nearby.

His mother had sent a guard after him, asking him to be present when the Lady Ana arrived through the Bifrost, but he ignored the request, choosing to be alone with his thoughts. He’d prolong the time he had before meeting the woman for as long as he could, though he knew it would only spark his mother’s disappointment in him, the spark soon transforming into a flame, one that would be hard to quench.

Shrugging off his cloak and laying it onto one of the tree’s branches, he walked to the pond, crouching down where the rabbit was only mere moments previously, dunking one hand into the water and watching the water ripple, the sun reflecting upon the surface.

He was contemplating whether or not he should take a short swim in the water when a groan captured his attention, his brows furrowing as he stood back up, his stance stiff and on guard. Wiping his hand on his green tunic to dry it, he cautiously walked over to where the groan sounded from, a woman with fair hair lay on the ground, and it appeared she had tripped. Her clothing was strange, unlike anything he’d seen women of Asgard dress in, for while the women he sees frequently around the palace dress in the most exquisite dresses, adorned with jewels unmatched by others, the woman on the floor was merely dressed in a blouse and trousers.

"Sorry to disappoint, but there are no offspring of angels present" he approached her, offering his hand to help her up.

Ana squints when she hears footsteps coming towards her, a slight panic coming over her, she prayed it wasn’t one of the guards bringing her to her room forcefully. She looks up at the man in front of her and smiles slightly when she takes his hand. She glances at his clothing and purses her lips; he probably found what she was wearing odd, after all she was meant to be wearing the dress she had left at the beginning of the maze. 

"Are you certain? There is the sun, where I am from it is the legendary son of our Angel Raziel. Because it may raize whenever it wishes; that’s how my father explained it at least." She looks at the path he had come from before she started walking down it, the sun reflecting of her fair skin. She tops when she sees a pond and she smiles slightly. 

"Oh praise the Angel. There is a swimming hole." She murmurs softly before she sits on a rock, unlacing her boots, rolling her trousers up and dipping her toes in the cool water. She glances around and furrows her brows before she hears someone calling her name causing her to roll her eyes and scoff. 

"Oh thank you for helping me up Mr……" She trails off when she turns to look at the young man behind her before she gapes seeing the sun catch his onyx hair and bright blue eyes. He was much paler than her meaning her either never left his home or his parents were severely pale. He was a handsome man nevertheless; possibly unlike her new fiancee and that’s what made her think how truly unfair this was. This man was probably able to marry whomever he wish whereas she was stuck marrying some Asgardian whom she had never met.


"Where else would you be, love?" he inquired with a raised eyebrow, tucking his hands into the pockets of his dark jeans, "Where were you, though? Jace threw a fit when you weren’t in your room." he informed her with a roll of the eyes, the memory of his girlfriend’s brother freaking out at her absence still clear in his mind.

Ana bites her bottom lip and shrugs. “I could have been hiding at your house. You never know.” She smiles before she pushes her hood off of her head. She was praying he hadn’t memorized her hunting gear otherwise her plan was ruined. She snaps back into reality when he asks where she was and she looks at her hands. “I was uh…. At Taki’s….” She knew it wasn’t lying technically to tell him some of the truth but she still felt bad. She had been at Taki’s trying to see if anyone else knew where she could find the demon Maryse and many other shadowhunters had been searching for. She plays with her blonde hair and glances at the bow and arrows that she had left by the door not to mention the belt with seraph blades attached. 


TW/TMI AU: In which Allison and Lydia are parabatai untill Allison’s death

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go;
And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, I will die
And there will I be buried:
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.

Okay? Okay. - TFIOS AU with lokilaufeysonofjotunheim 

Ana sat in her mother’s car, counting down the minutes until she was at the church, her tank sitting beside her feet. She was, once again, being forced to go to Support Group because she was ‘depressed’ just because she sat on the couch most of the time and watched America’s Next Top Model reruns. She looked at her mother and raised a brow. 

"Do I really have to go? I mean you could get me a fake I.D. and I could be an actual normal teenager." She points out before she frowns when her mother laughs; she knew it had been a longshot but it was still worth a try. 

"Honey it’s important for you to hang out with kids your age who you can relate to." Her mother states causing her to groan when they finally pull into St. Raziel’s parking lot. Her mother parks as close as she can before she unlocks the door. "Have a good time sweetie." She calls after Ana when the blonde girl opens the door and begins to walk away. "Make some friends!" Ana rolls her eyes; she admired her mother for her efforts but she was just trying too hard. 

Ana walks into the church and starts towards the elevator before she saw a familiar boy in it. She smiles and walks towards the stairs; the elevator was for the ‘Last’ people. They were the people who were too weak to walk or were simply unable to. She on the other hand was completely able to. She walks down each stair slowly, her tank thumping down each stair, before she was in the bottom of the church or the ‘Heart of Jesus’. 

She sat in a chair that was apart of the large circle before they began with singing a few cancertastic songs then they prayed before finally they went around the room simply saying their names and how they were doing. When it finally came to Ana she stood up flicked her hair out of her face. 

"My name is Anastasia Herondale and I’m doing okay I guess." She shrugs and sits back down before it goes all the way to the two boys sitting side by side making jokes with each other. Ana knew the blonde one; she and him had silent conversations during these meetings, rolled their eyes together or simply sighed. The dark haired one beside him though was new. 

"Thor why don’t you introduce your friend?" Hodge Starkweather says; Hodge’s story was that of another cancer survivor and gosh was it funny. But all Ana was able to think about was the dark haired boy across the circle.