Gifted With Rage And Beauty



Muse A and Muse B live in a world where mortals and vampires live alongside one another. Mortals rein during the day and the vampires at night. The two groups have kept their distances enough to get along without causing too much of a fight, however that all changes. Some mortals have had enough of the undead and decide it’s time to get rid of them, forming a band of hunters; this is where the chaos starts.
At the start of this new fully fledged war, where it’s human verses vampire, Muse A goes missing. Muse B fears that their friend has been killed by a vampire and begins to train in the ways of hunting in order to avenge Muse A’s death. Muse B gains quite a reputation as a hunter, mercilessly exterminating any vampire they come into contact with; Muse B has grown to despise the vampire race passionately.
However through their travels, Muse B runs into Muse A only to discover that they are a vampire, fighting with them against the humans. During this encounter, Muse A pleads with Muse B to join the vampires as they believe it is them who will win the war.


  • Muse B refuses to join Muse A as they have grown to hate the vampires and it becomes friend against friend.
  • Muse B refuses to join, however Muse A continues to protect their friend, risking their own life to help them.
  • Muse A  and Muse B were dating, causing Muse A to become more desperate in turning Muse B so that they don’t lose them. 



                           He held her tightly against
                           his chest, feeling the warmth
                           flow between the two. 

                   It was uncommon these days to have
                   a moment like this with a loved one, for
                   danger was constantly lurking about. 

                                               Demons, hunted hourly, leaving
                                               those few strong enough to fight them,
                                               continuously on the move. 

           ❝  Stay young, Ana… Because it is a 
                   luxury so few of us have now.
                                   In time, you will wish
                                   for these moments
                                   once more. 

Ana moved her head to regard her brother, her calm blue eyes studying him, before she presses her hand to his cheek, pursing her lips. She brushes a piece of his hair out of his face and sighs. She knew that this was a rare moment; one that was unspoiled by demons or Silent Brothers urging her brother to train or urging her to go and play with the other children. 

"You worry too often Jace. The Silent Brothers won’t let anything happen to you or to me. They promised. I can only wish that they would promise to let me have some time to myself instead of with the other children. Maybe they’ll let me come and watch you train sometime soon." She smiles before she pecks his cheek. 

"I have a new book to show you! It’s from before the demons took over it’s amazing." 

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"NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers."
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  3. I am unique
  4. I am creative
  5. I AM THE QUEEN KNEEL TO ME! (Yes that was a Marvel Reference)



"Flattery will get you nowhere." he hummed, his smile fading into a teasing smirk. "And I’m not promising anything." He watched her fingers fly across the keys, only looking up at her after he’d read what she searched. "A digital tour?" Xavier laughed, but in reality he was touched by the thoughtfulness. "Alright, bring it."

"Oh come on. Flattery should get you everywhere if you are a girl." She points out before she pouts. "I can give you a thousand more ideas just like that one but leave for that for my death. I want to be a bad ass ghost who makes everyone scared but also makes them laugh." She turns back to her laptop and presses play. "Here’s the Leaning tower of Piza, Oh oh! The Catacombs…" She smiles at him.


If we roleplay:

1. Don’t apologize for being late/slow with replies.

2. Take all of the time you need. Days, weeks, months, doesn’t matter. Don’t put yourself under stress because of such pointless things.

3. Your personal life out of character along with your health are the most important. If you drop a thread/conversation/whatever, it’s alright. Just stay safe and take care.

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Xavier grinned widely, something he wasn’t sure if she’d witnessed him do before. “That’s a great idea, I might just steal it.” he laughed, “If you go get your hair done and see people crying over having bright pink hair, you’ll know what happened.”
Sliding over to sit next to her, he quirked a brow. “Ah- Italy?” he suggested and eyed her laptop.

"That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile. Like a real smile. It looks nice." She smiles slightly before she gapes and pretends to be offended. "Don’t! I worked hard on that idea….. Kind of. Mischief just comes naturally I guess." She pulls up Google Chrome and types in ‘Italy Tours online’ before clicking the first link. "Interactive tours online." She looks over at him.



"Who says I haven’t?" he hummed, a smirk spreading across his mouth. "I know, it’s not the people." Xavier rubbed the back of his neck and sank to the floor, sitting with his legs folded. Looking up at her, he gave a small shrug. "I guess I’m just bitter. -I wanted to travel when I was living and now I’m just stuck here."

"That’s pretty awesome." She points out with a grin. "First thing I’m doing when I die is haunting a hair salon and switching the blonde dye with blue." She sits down with her legs stretched out in front of her. "You know… You could travel without leaving town." She smilesat him before she grabs her laptop from her backpack. "Where do you want to go first?"


He followed after her, nodding at the waiter as he handed him his drink, sitting down next to her, resting the glass on his knee, “He does both. Whether or not a family member of yours or even someone you know from afar died in the games, having to watch all that violence must somewhat scar them. Which will then fuel the anger and resentment until, soon enough, it sparks into a flame that will grow and become impossible to quench.

He glanced around, making sure no one heard what she’d said, “Quiet,” he hissed, his eyes alert, “Do you want them to execute us for plotting against the president?” Sure, he could talk freely, but not so carelessly. She just said if there was a rebellion, she’s joining, which he agreed with, but she’s said it so casually that he was afraid someone might’ve heard.

"Your tribute..?" his demeanour changed to a somber one once he saw the young child’s body, his hatred of Snow and everyone who had part in the organisation of the games fuelling.


Ana nods at him when he speaks before she runs a hand through her long locks. “I guess you’re right.” She places her drink down for a second before she notices a few Captiol officials smiling at her causing her to wave back. 

"Right sorry. I’ll be quiet I swear. It’s just wrong to sit here and be total bystanders while he slaughters young children." She whispers before she slowly begins to break down. Her tribute still had yet to be picked up by the hellicarrier so he was still just layin gin the water with an arrow sticking out of his chest. She covers her mouth as she begins to cry shakes her head. 

"I knew his family. They smiled at me when they said their goodbyes. They trusted me to get him out of this alive and now he’s…. oh my god he’s really dead." She rambles hysterically, feeling like she’s about to start hyperventilating. "His poor mother…." 

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"Demon au ......... SHES A SHADOWHUNTER SHE KILLS THOSE.... my luck sucks"




Unbearable pain.

Everything hurt. Breathing hurt, moving hurt, his body was on fire, blood pouring from the deep gash in his side. Even through his pain, he could her the smug voice in the back of his head, reminding him that he’d warned him over and over about messing with Raphael, but he never listens to even himself. He panted as he crawled along the pavement, praying to whatever angel or demon that was listening. Just get me out of here. Raphael will be back, he knew that, which only terrified him more. He’d already stabbed him, with a dull knife to be exact, broke about two of his ribs, broke his nose, which was now bleeding along with his cut lip and probably broke the tip of one of his horns, seeing as he now has a horrid migraine. All in all, he looked like shit, and yet, Raphael still wasn’t done with him.

He kept blaming himself over and over as he struggled to move, panting and stifling his cries of pain. He’d rather not attract unwanted attention at this time, especially if whoever happened to see him in his state happened to be a shadowhunter. Why he went to Raphael, he doesn’t even remember, something about an old fight they’d had too long ago he doesn’t even remember it. He knew Raphael was dangerous, yet his pride wouldn’t let him turn down a fight. He’s a warlock, for Lilieth’s sake, of course he wouldn’t turn down a fight.

The pain was too much for him, and after suffering to move for a few feet, he crumpled in a heap on someone’s doorstep, his eyes closing as breathing became a hard task, all hope leaving him as he finally accepted his fate, pitting whoever it was that lived in this house and Woukd end up opening the door to find his corpse on it.

His brows furrowed in confusion at her promise, but he didn’t question it, quite glad that out of all e houses he could’ve stumbled upon, he collapsed on one of a friendly person, although she was a shadowhuntress. He was too lost in his own thoughts to notice her bend down next to him, and cried out in pain when she pulled him up abruptly. It pained him to walk, but he attempted to do so when she helped him, if only so he wouldn’t be a great burden, though he suspected he already was being one.

"Rachael," he managed through gritted teeth, hissing in pain every now and then, "Thought he wanted a truce… Attacked when I wasn’t facing him.." he groaned, biting down on his already cut lip, drawing more blood from said injury, "Don’t call me Horn Boy, I’m already humiliated enough as it is,” his head fell back onto the couch as he stifled another groan, clenching his jaw. Recognition lit his face at the name, making the already too obvious connection to one of the most known shadowhunter family. He knew he should’ve been more cautious and not given her his name right away, even though she helped him, but he was in too much pain to give his actions another thought. “Loki. Loki Laufeyson.”

Ana raises a brow when he speaks of Raphael before she looks at her phone. She needed to text Maryse and tell her that Raphael had attacked a warlock without making it known she was helping this poor man. She would then need to text Magnus; that is if he was okay with that. “That’s unfair. Prick move actually.” She mumbles before she jumps hearing a slam at the door. 

"I’m going to assume that’s the prick now." She stands up and begins to walk towards the door before she opens it and freezes. She leans down and looks at the blood on her doorstep; a smashed plastic bag not too far from it. "Why would he want a truce? What did you do to him?" She asks softly, her eyes moving to look up at him before she slams the door shut. "He’s marking my freaking house for something…"

"What did he do to you? How am I going to explain this to the Clave…. First things first I need to text Maryse and say Raphael’s attacked you without saying it was you then I need Magnus and Alec to get here so I can make sure you’re not completely broken then I need to get the bloodstains off my new couch and gosh I am never ever living alone again." She sits on the floor and groans running a hand through her hair. 

"It’s nice to meet you Loki." She mumbles softly.